Basque Pipérade with Fresh Eggs

cured by bacon

Basque Piperade with Fresh Eggs Basque Piperade with Fresh Eggs

The Heart wants what the Heart wants.

What can I say. I’m an emotional/stress eater, and this weekend was a rollercoaster. I needed a meal to comfort me.

Saturday morning while on a trip with my girlfriend to visit my parents at Portland’s annual Art in the Pearl show, we found ourselves in an unfortunate learning experience. About an hour after parking in the artists lot next to the art show, our vehicle was broken into and all of our belongings were subsequently stolen. Things that have no street value to speak of, but carry with them an emotional and sentimental attachment for us.

After arriving home and beginning the process of slowly putting our pieces back together again with tail firmly placed between legs, we seeked two things.

Friends/Family and Food.

We were able to eventually move into the laughing phase of grief during…

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Your’e different than me, you and I

eye sockets locked up in different pockets

our minds aren’t aliened so a like and deceiving our perception

creating different reflection around our imaginary minds.

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